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We don't give discounts, as we believe doctors decide fees for everyone's greater good, with family first, patient and public law and order in mind. We don't indulge in ads outside the Truth Journal or marketing gimmicks like discounts with the clinic management at Dr. Dhruv's clinic. We consider profits and savings for growth, education, happiness, and better service. Especially in solving problems for better health, with this mutual understanding, we hoped to give smile points and rewards to winners and preventive care package buyers, with the dentist mainly and the public attending the Elite Dental Club annual general body meeting. This is for the reinforcement of positive impact, better behavior, actions, words, and habits for a better world. Due to financial reasons, the smile points and rewards to earn have been indefinitely deferred and will not be given, only displayed here if ever activated. There is no pre, post, or present-dated sign-up points given; only we pray for the good deed hoped still carried out based on our improving with time trust-based relationship. This is only for a professional dental public and dentist membership sign-up forum, for intellectual discussions.

Smile points deferred indefinitely

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