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For you a better world: Reminders approximately two weeks before

Our growth story with you

 Mission and Vision:

- Inspire individuals through positive thought energy messages for a lasting positive impact.

- Encourage financial support for innovative health ideas, especially in the dental industry. Contact us at +91-8884757388.

- Foster contributions that add value, spanning from writing and designing to experimentation and treatment.


 Specific Goals (Sponsorship Ads): (Note: Individuals can set their own goals based on sponsorship funding given)

- 5th June: Final deadline for Sponsorship Ads and Application for Clinic Affiliates. Final Price point for 5 articles: 

1. 5000INR for spinal cord root canal-related stem cells, addressing backache and posture.

2. 4000INR for implant-related oral cancer or cancer.

3. 3000INR for heart-mind connection preventive-related stress TMJ.

4. 2000INR for eyes-ears consultation-related feedback from patients or clients.

5. 1000INR for a new voted goal oral laser efficiency improvement with photons and dark matter publication and faster than light travel to stars like pole star navigational behind.


 Publication Details:- Reminder 15th March: Last date for tickets for Elite Dental Club Founder's day on 29th June. One more reminder: Submit articles.

- Submission Deadline: 7th August. All type of articles and especially in categories welcome: dentally connect

- Last Date for Corrections and Review by writer: 15th August.

- Notification of Chosen Articles: 30th September.

- Final Publication: 29th October.


 Truth Journal 2023 and 2024 onwards:

- Annual sale on 29th October 2024. 2023 new launch on Founders day: invitation

- Aims to promote better health through actionable oral healthcare awareness.

- Aspires to establish this endeavor as our Trust foundation.


 Goalkeeper - 26th December: for next year to help you along: have a vision and share on our app

- Proposal submission for idea participation with a clear vision in one line.

- Other writers are welcome to try for the next year's awards by modifying or submitting for feedback or review of their articles via WhatsApp from 30th September to 6th November (Fee: 10000INR).

- Chapter closes afterward; same nominal fee till 11th November 2024; no further feedback after 25th December '24.


 Chosen Articles:

- Notification by 30th September 2024; corrections by 7th October 2024.

- If not notified, your article wasn't selected.


29th February:

- Smile awards. by Financial disbursement  []:

- 29th October 2026: Submit or we choose some applications.

- 29th October 2027: Final top 4 selection.

- 29th October 2030: Submission last date.

- 29th October 2031: Selection.

- 29th October 2032:  Recognition, and so on.


Next Year:

- Reward or fee announced based on ROI and the number of publications.

- Submit in the Elite Dental app link, view as a post, and select different categories.

Elite dental club app to submit articles

Post in appropriate category 

or WhatsApp to us +91-8884757388

Our your clinic Story

Important dates: work life balance

 Clinic Preventive Care:

- 11th February: New people love versions 2 or 3 - Auto greetings lucky 7

- 14th February: Love brand campaign ends ✨️ ❤️ 💖 💕 for you

Affiliate membership of Elite Dental Club Annual renewal

Step 1- 15th March last date for dentist to attend Elite Dental Club meeting 19th March: Reminder day for Preventive affiliates and members to apply; final reminder date 5th June to RSVP for event two clinics can join after 31st March 2024 International Pink day 10th April last date for public to buy tickets for Elite Club meeting on 29th June & more after two year trial after 31st March 2026 and visit annual elite dental club founders day and flagship clinic

Step 2- 30th June: Last date application to join that year for elite dental club; patients, clients, scientists, or writers pay or team pay as per SLA

Step 3- 21st July: Review of new companies and individuals to join elite dental club results; or verification next founders day at home


- *Personalized Annual Reminder:* Visit on Dental Warranty Prescription - Receive a personalized annual reminder for your dental warranty prescription.

- Preventive Day - 12th December: Preventopia. Any day in December before it, as per mutual convenience.


Home Life:

- 11th March: Home savings minus expenses

- 14th October: Education savings and your growth and family

- 17th January: Savings and strategize annual Holidays luxury

- 29th December: Save for Child children proposal for education and life


- Better Health, Better World Day - 21st May: Spread hugs with oral healthcare awareness, doing the right thing habituated with love in mind.

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