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How to book? Preventive care checkup online; booking fee online or at clinic: 8884757388

For Any Smile Center

Ask for time, doctor and city

In the message:


1. Enter your mobile number.

2. Enter the doctor you wish and the availability of the dental chair (team)

3. Enter the time and date desired for a 10-minute only oral consultation. If the doctor has already told you the treatment solution duration, then enter the total time which is requested, with payment done. Once the dental appointment time is given, for final confirmation (refunds as per oral consent and privacy policy).

4. City and location preferred

Smile points

your money your value is s-for hope:-)

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MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) Click 

Urgent: Visit the nearest equipped hospital with 24x7 emergency room. Unbearable at midnight, like acute pulpits, tooth pain and suffering on your mind. Have an analgesic painkiller for sleep. Let's chat below.

SOS: AI chat click here underlined and speak within a minute to anyone who loves and cares, or your neighbor. Please, do your duty with a smile. Award yourself for your smart work with humility efforts. Thank you. Sorry to hear. Remember, our oath is to do no harm.

- Read dental handbook -

before entering dental clinic

Preventive care package.

Preventive Care Package: Adults - Rs. 1000 and Kids (Orthodontics centers)

OPG Validity: one year from the day bought. 

Empower Growth via Dental Marketplace: Annually Vote on June 29th and Decided on July 21st.

Prosthetic Hand

Our Team.

Let's all make a happy, positive impact, converging to collaborate together with oral healthcare awareness. "For you," for better health, for a Better World!

Our Services

D warranty

"Get to Know: What value is valid post-care?"

As per treating doctor's discretion:

Protect your interests with our prescription, mentioning: "Oral consent given 'for you.' D warranty post-care: 2 months and 20-40% charge up to one year." Carry this prescription as proof to claim preventive care packages if an annual checkup is done, extending to two years for both adults and children up to 12 years. Products (Initially, you can buy yourself or request treatment through the clinic where our practices are carried out, or you can directly contact companies for warranty assurance, or request the dentist to do it 'For you,' and service charge for it is extra while procedures above as stated, the time spent, non-refundable obviously).- If the treating doctor who did the work is still practicing or wishes to waive the value exchanged and replace the product, proceed if the client is ready. Not beyond 2 years, and only for the client who has come for a review, not for the patient. Click on the prescription links for further legal document details.

- Tickets for next leap yr -

Dentists and Public

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