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FREE reminders share: Hope to touch everyone's life with bettering health, one message at a time, reminding them with care to take care and visit your dentist to navigate the dental field to provide you with a solution for your Dental problem, or better yet, with check-ups, prevent the problem.


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WhatsApp +91-8884757388 or email 'Send now' button mention complaint or routine check up: OPG

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OPG check up: Service 101 INR for India & Global

Health check up or visit doctor 

Doctor Healthcare Recommended / Need based: overall health by sharing identification of stressors during dental health check up and timely referral 


Dental check up or visit with need

As recommended by Dentist: every 3-6 months to 2 years as per NHS


Medication reminders

Compliance on medication: and review as advised: awareness


OPG dental check up 

Send us your OPG and visit your dentist if over 13 years annually and pedodontist or paediatrician if under: orthodontist over 7 years for check up


We take a Closer Look: visit Eg clinic

NEW BEGINNINGS Your RIGHT, of you and your family's happiness and contentment, one given: CHOOSE the one doctor who says yes! Hope he, she, or whoever is God Given Good in their field, like tech or getting better, whatever it may be, and we wish you well. With us, no free knowledge, art-like skills, or wise experience supporting help other than criteria mentioned, only free marketing information available anywhere in the world. The truth is, what are we doing? Solving dental problems proactively for our family members and others, happily ever after. New Year's 1st January midnight 2024, lifelong together, multiple ideas for your good work, no rules, one law, and only operating on trust, self-respect, mutually convenient time requires cooperation with understanding. We're trying to do better than our God-given best in our service product:-) Organized industry, no more lectures, not valued; hopefully, we learn from you next visit, better person, better work:-) We hope to learn to live happy together every day and night. God bless and Good night, wishing you a very happy New year, family, friends, and association. No further changes of our beliefs. Let's change ourselves for the better. Thank you. 

healing Touch

Further info about OPG: Request for lead sheet if under 10 or pregnant or frequency on taking at diagnostic 

🌟 Join our preventive movement! WHY🌟 Preventive Day 12/12


We prevent a root canal, but without maintenance and other factors like genetics, food habits, saliva decay can happen. So, we spot it early and try to do a sealant or filling in time. Due to limitations in current technology, silver lasts longer, while composite fillings last shorter but are aesthetic, resulting in root canal being inevitable. Still, as a team – you, me, us – we can delay this process or life cycle of the tooth. I call it from cleaning to filling to root canal crown to extraction implant to new technology advancement with a sealant or just good care and check-ups. This helps in saving money and pain, which might still happen if the tooth is not cleaned routinely with good work habits. Entering this inevitable cycle of pain and expenses is sometimes a bigger pain, as this is an expensive industry supporting staff, technology, equipment, materials, and innovations. So, let's, without a doubt, jump in and swim with the flow of a preventive care movement. It's for your health because only with your health can you earn and save this unnecessary expense, which can be avoided. So, avoid touching the tooth with a drill unless necessary for enameloplasty crown cases or corrections not breaking into dentin, the second layer. Unless a checkup indicates, save a tooth with a filling or gum cleaning, which is not part of the preventive care package but rather an investment in hope of new technology as it goes into the system, helping you and finally your kids. So, don't ask the doctor for more time to redo or refund, which I pray is understandable. It's important to respect ourself by looking after ourself with servicing and the people like you who are doing their duty with hope for the service of products and deliverance of world-class service with licensed training and continuous dental education for good results for the dental family. Are you doing oral hygiene measures so for all repeats redos and good work its your sole responsibility: so lets help you in your Oral health leading to so, much more I pray & hope


Subject: Important Notice, New Year Wishes, and Personal Beliefs


Dear Clients,


I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. I would like to extend my gratitude for your continued trust and association with our clinic. As we step into the New Year, there are a few points I'd like to highlight along with our heartfelt wishes for you.


1. Deleted Numbers and Reassociation: Deleted numbers from our system indicate a challenging experience. If you wish to reassociate, along with blacklisted ones (blocked ones only apologize), a booking fee is required. This policy is in place to maintain a professional, healthy relationship based on trust and good work.


2. Privilege of Treatment: In private practice, treating patients is a privilege, not a right. The doctor has the right to choose patients, and patients have the right to choose their doctor. It's a two-way relationship built on trust and respect.


3. Emergency Situations: In life or death situations, please go to the nearest hospital. If we can assist in such situations, we will do our duty without a fee. This is a professional approach for the well-being of all involved.


4. Consequences for Breaches of Trust: Breaches of trust and disrespectful actions have consequences, including implications for the immediate family. The focus is on improvement and the development of good habits in learning, intent, thought, words, and actions.


5. Financial Considerations: Financial matters are addressed professionally. For immediate family and close friends, there are exceptions. Collaboration and understanding are key for a positive relationship.


6. Consultation Fee Waivers: Treating doctor fee policy and discretion of treating doctor management.


7. Preventive Care Packages: Encouraging patients to sign up for preventive care packages annually is a step towards maintaining a good relationship.


8. Feedback System: Good healthy feedback is welcomed after consultation or treatment for continuous improvement. It contributes to the overall effort to organize the dental industry and serve patients consistently.


9. New Year Wishes: The team wishes you and your family health, wealth, and peace in the New Year. Take your time, and when you're ready, we'll be here to support you.


10. Reflection and Understanding: Approach unknown territory with curiosity and self-reflection. Pause, understand, and carefully proceed with awareness.


11. Family Dentistry: The clinic, as stated on, is 'For you.' It's a family-oriented practice, and your well-being is our priority.


12. New Year Resolution: Embrace the new year with love, gratitude, and self-help. Blessings are received through acts of love for oneself and others.


13. Personal Beliefs: Our elite dental club follows one law - my wife (Pinky Namrata Shahid Subramanian has to be happy). Follow your own faith and beliefs as you wish, and continue to value the prayers of respect to God and parents, a mark of deep respect by touching their feet with gratitude.


14. Lifelong Associations: Going from our friends to lifelong associations, we appreciate your continued association with us.


As we move forward, let's foster a positive and supportive environment. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Wishing you a wonderful New Year filled with joy, success, and good health.


Best regards,


One year policy: click

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